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Or Menorah
Chicago, Illinois

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Rabbi Douglas Zelden, Ph.D., D.D. - Rav 
Joshua Weinstein - Or Menorah President

Or Menorah, is an Orthodox Synagogue
is in the West Rogers Park Neighborhood of Chicago.

Membership at Or Menorah is lower than almost every other synagogue in the area, and we provide 
child care during services every week. Join us for the holidays, and every Shabbat!
(click here for a membership application)

Erev Shabbat Services: 10 Minutes after Candle Lighhting Time

Shabbat and Holiday Morning Services are at 9:15 A.M.

Shabbat Afternoons: Mincha Gedola after Kiddush and a brief Shiur. (follows Z'man for earliest Mincha.)

You can email us at:
or call us at:
(773) 761-5700

Our Fax Number is 1-773-761-5703

Click Here for Our Address and Directions

The West Rogers Park neighborhood is surrounded by an ERUV.
This allows carrying nessessary items outdoors on the Sabbath and on Yom Kippur.
To check the status of this ERUV you must call the ERUV Hotline 
(or check the status on-line) every Erev Shobbos and Erev Yom Tov
at (773) 743-7882

Chicago Eruv Website:

There are also many
kosher stores, restaurants,
and Yeshivos within walking distance
of our synagogue.


Click Here For A Membership Application

If you need the form to sell your Chametz for Passover, click here: CHAMETZ SALES FORM
After filling it out, turn in the form to the Rabbi before erev Pesach.

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